A Definitive Guide To The Best
Home Security System Setups

One of the best home security system information guides on the market today is by Daniel Berg. It includes some of the easiest home security practices you can adopt and some of the most practical home protection ideas you can apply.

It’s a 58 page downloadable e-book. It comes in a 6” X 9” format and is displayed in full color. It's also inexpensive to purchase and it can be read in a short time. It’s called The Ultimate Guide To Home Security.

Click here to see the ebook on the author's website.
(Website also lists additional books that author has written.)

It offers solid home security advice and easy-to-follow home safety tips. It’s an absolute must-read reference that I highly recommend.

It's for anyone looking to improve their home secure and better protect their family.

One of the best home security system guides.

Why do I recommend it? Why do I consider it to be a better choice than the other home security books out there? Because of the following 4 reasons:

It’s A Complete Guide
Daniel gives you a complete picture on how to set up the best home security system possible. He discusses everything from door locks, to windows, to alarm systems, to swimming pool security, to vacation checklists, to basic security suggestions.

Each topic is then broken down smaller sub-topics.

Door security.
  • The different type of door locks available (pg 10-17).
  • Available window security options (pg 24-26).
  • The different kinds of alarm systems and their components (pg 29-39).
  • Video surveillance system functionality (pg 40-41).

He doesn’t list generalities. He actually educates the reader and provides solid advice on the best home security system setups.

Good Understanding of Home Security
The author has a good understanding of what he writes about.

Home security measures.

How do I know this?

Because his reference guide covers a wide range of topics. When describing the best home security setups, he focuses on more than just the alarm system.

He includes devices, products and security measures.He includes everything that can help you set up proper home security and home protection.

Straight Forward
This is a straightforward reference guide that’s written for the real world. Throughout the guide, Daniel points out the different types of security weakness when it comes to home protection and safety.

Home safety security.
He makes you aware of your security problems including some things you’ve probably never thought of.

Things like security artwork hangers (pg 47), security spikes (pg 42), and swimming pool alarms (pg 51).

Then he shows you how to fix those problems and better protect your home. You can actually implement the home security advice the gives and achieve the best home security system setup possible.

An Easy Read
I’ve read dozens of home security manuals. Most of them are dull, technical and read like a manual. This reference guide is not like that. It’s an easy read.

Security manual.

The author captures the reader’s interest by being non-technical in his writing and by including pictures through out the guide.

The pictures help narrate the information and they also divide the text into smaller manageable paragraphs.

Your eyes will easily flow across the pages as you go from a picture, to the text and then to another picture. To my surprise, I actually enjoyed reading it.

When I read the reference guide, two sections under the Additional Home Security heading and one under the Home Inventory heading caught my attention.

The sections were well written and added a beneficial overall value to the guide.

Well Written Sections
The first section (pg 42-45), provides valuable and common sense advice on how to:

  • Fool burglars
  • Use exterior security lighting.
  • Keep your valuable out of site.
  • Protect your yard.
  • Establish a neighborhood watch.
Credit card fraud.

The second section (pg 48), talks about Identity Theft.

The author list some simple steps you can take to prevent this from happening to you.

To prevent from being a victim.

The third section (pg 52) talks about Home Inventory. The importance of knowing what you have and some interesting ways in which you can record your home inventory.

It was a good idea for the author to include these sections. The advice they provide is often overlooked by homeowners when trying to establish the best home security system they can. (Remember, it’s not just about the alarm system)

I don’t agree with one of the opinions that the author offers and there’s a small section of the guide that I think could use a little improvement.

Difference Of Opinion and A Little Improvement
Under the Door Locks heading, Daniel offers the opinion that both double-sided and capture key deadbolts are not worthwhile. There are too many things that can go wrong in terms of a quick exit emergency situation.

Deadbolt door lock.

I don’t agree with this.

There is some truth to what he is saying (the key should be kept close to the lock), but for the most part double-sided deadbolts are excellent burglar deterrents.

Homeowners have been using them safely and securely for years and years.

What could use a little improvement is the Safety Hinges section (pg 20) under the Additional Door Security heading.

Excellent Value FOR Your Money
After having bought and read the guide, I think that it offers excellent overall value for your money.

The Ultime Guide To Home Security by Daniel Berg.
The Ultimate Guide To Home Security offers some of the best home security system setups.

It's a great reference that will help you better secure your home and better protect your family. It's also fairly inexpensive and I was able to read it in a short time. I like it and I do recommend it.
Click here to see the ebook on the author's website.
(Website also lists additional books that author has written.)

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