The Components Of An Exterior
DIY Home Security Alarm

Exterior diy home security alarms help you establish the first layer of protection by using home security hardware devices and components.

This is the layer that protects the outside of your home. Specifically speaking, the yard, the driveway, the tool shed, the exterior garage, and any other exterior structure you may have. This type of security is also known as yard security.

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Exterior DIY home security.

The following components are used to detect and notify you of an intruder who is trespassing on your property and approaching your home. Some of the components are not offered with base DIY kits. They need to be purchased separately.

Alarm system siren.

Exterior Sirens – Exterior security sirens protect your home against intruders by ringing very, very loudly.

Usually over 100 dB. They ring loud enough to attract the attention of the entire neighborhood. This in itself is sometimes enough to drive off any would-be burglars.

As an added deterrent, exterior sirens now come with very bright strobe lights. They flash brilliantly, drawing even more attention to what is transpiring.

Click on this link to see the Decibel Comparison Chart which explains how loud 100 + dB is.

Exterior sirens are triggered-off by other components like motion detectors and driveway alarms. Many manufacturers now offer easy-to-install exterior sirens. They are wireless, completely weather proof, and work with batteries.

Exterior security camera.

Outdoor Security Cameras – Outdoor security cameras protect your home against intruders by monitoring the events that take place on and around your property.

The diy home security cameras transmit a signal back to a receiver that is connected to a monitor or to a TV. This allows you to monitor events live.

Certain types of camera receivers are also digital recording receivers. They can record everything the camera sees. In the event of a burglary, the recording can be used by authorities to identify and prosecute the criminal. In most situations, just seeing the outdoor security cameras is enough of a deterrent to scare-off the burglar.

Today’s outdoor yard security cameras are designed to work specifically with your PC, tablet, and smart phone. You can monitor and record the exterior of your home from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Exterior motion detector.

External Motion Sensors - Exterior motion sensors protect your home against intruders by detecting the presence of an intruder as he approaches your home.

The moment the intruder steps foot on your property, the motion sensor will detect his movement. It will then trigger the alarm’s siren.

Depending on the diy home security system’s setup, some external motion sensors can be configured to illuminate the exterior lights of a home the moment they detect movement. Others can be configured to light up internal lights of the home as a notification to whoever is in the house at the time.

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