How To Establish Solid
Home Door Security

Solid home door security begins with the strength of your exterior doors. They need to be secure enough to withstand a forced entry attempt. Studies have shown that most burglars prefer to break into a home through the front door

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the most likely location a burglar will use to break into your home.

Home door security.

Therefore, exterior doors should be encased in metal (gauge 24 at a minimum). Or they can be made of solid wood (at least 1 ¾ inches thick). To prevent your doors from being kicked in by a burglar, you need to install a security kit on each door. This is one of the most important security measures you can take. This will make your doors even more solid and secure against any forced entry attempts. Nothing is one hundred percent secure or foolproof, but this is an excellent step in the right direction.

Home security kit.

Home Door Security Kits - A good home door security kit protects the door's weakest points. A standard kit includes two metal plates that you install on the outer edges of the door that reinforce the hinges. It includes another metal plate that you install towards the middle edge of the door to reinforce the deadbolt lock and the doorknob. It also includes another metal plate that you install along the frame of the door. This reinforces the doorjamb and door frame from being forced or kicked-in.


Double Cylinder Locks - Exterior doors also need to have solid, double cylinder, deadbolt locks with 1” throws.

A "double cylinder" home security lock simply means that both sides of the lock need a key to open. It’s a good idea to make sure that the deadbolt meets or exceeds the Grade 2 ANSI testing standards.

Strike Plates -If you're unable to install a home door security kit on a particular door, you should at least install a solid strike plate.

Door strike plate.

A strike plate is the plate that is installed on the door frame and receives the locking pin from the lock. It should be fixed to the door frames with 3-inch screws. Make sure it's strong enough to withstand a direct kick or a powerful blow. The more secure the strike plate the better.

Door peep hole.

Peep Holes -A very simple door home security option is to install wide angle peep holes on your exterior doors. They're also referred to as door viewers or wide angle door viewers. You get to see who is at your door, before you open the door.

Sliding door security pin.

Patio Door Pins and Bars -Patio doors are usually an easy place for burglars to break into. You should always keep your patio doors locked. Even when your home. Check to see if the patio doors can be lifted off the bottom track from the outside. If they can, then you need to install a patio door lock pin. A patio door lock pin is a very simple piece of home door security equipment. The pin is inserted through both door frames at the top of the doors. It prevents the sliding doors from being opened or lifted off their frame.

Home security bars.

You can also install security bars across the middle. They’re called “Charlie” bars, and they’re a great way to jimmy proof your sliding doors. In general, all the exterior doors of your home should look secure and difficult to penetrate.

For more information on exterior doors, visit our friends at Exterior Home Improvement Ideas. They have tons of information. Practically everything that you need to know about exterior doors. They also include pictures and how-to videos.

Aside from all the door home security tips mentioned above, your doors should also be protected by an alarm system that trips the siren the moment someone tries to force them open.

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