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Find the Home Security Gates and the Garage Door security products and services you're looking for in the Listings below. You will find helpful information and full web pages on the businesses, websites and stores that provide these types of products and services. You will also be able to find innovative security solutions, additional anti theft ideas and expert advice.

Home security gates and garage doors have always been considered easy targets for burglars and thieves. They have always had a reputation of being points of weakness in home protection.

Home Security GatesHome security gates protecting a home's entrance.

In the past, a yard or driveway gate was easy to circumvent if one existed on the property at all. Depending on the setup, all the intruder had to do was climb over it. If this was not an option, then he would go through it by cutting the fence or bars. Earlier on, there were no sensors or automation devices installed to detect a possible security breach. Technology was not there yet. It was in its infancy.

Click here to go to our Yard Security page. There you will learn some of the best yard security ideas, tips and techniques that will help you protect the property that surrounds your home.

Garage Door SecurityA standard automatic garage door opener.

When automatic garage door openers first came out, openers of the same brand used one code. All a burglar needed to do was to buy a transmitter for a garage door opener, press the button as he drove down the street, and if your automatic opener was the same brand as his transmitter, your garage door would open. Later models allowed the home owner to select their own code.

A second method was to manually insert a wire hook through the top of the door to trigger the safety release on the chain inside. This would then allow the intruder to physically open the door. (Click here to see the video on YouTube). Here again, technology was lagging and the intruders would take advantage of any points of weakness.

Over the years, things have changed. There have been wonderful technological advancements in the way that home security gates and garage doors now protect our homes and property. Innovative ideas, functional designs, automation, and sensors of every kind have now made security gates and garage doors points of strength in home security. 

The goal of this directory page is to help you locate the resources that will help you better protect your home and property. To find the products and/or services that you’re searching for. To discover useful tips, practical advice and the common sense information that you can apply to your individual needs.

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Garage Door Guard Dawg
LinkCare Gate Automation

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