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In this section you will also find helpful information and full web pages on the businesses, websites and stores that provide these types of systems and services. Surveillance systems are a critical part of home security. They complete the system. They give you the ability to actually see and hear what’ s going on whether you’re there or half way around the world.

Surveillance equipment.

Video surveillance equipment has become very popular and very affordable. Many companies are now including them as a standard component of an anti theft home security system. A nanny cam is a good example of both a popular and affordable surveillance device. This wireless home security camera is very inexpensive and now commonly used to keep an eye on what’s happening at home. Smart cameras now use technology to minimize recording time and maximize efficiency.

Today's smart cameras are motion activated. They no longer record hour and hours of security footage. They only start recording when they detect motion. This reduces the size of the recorded footage on the computer's hard drive. It also increases efficiency by using the system's resources only when they are needed.

The purpose of this directory page is to help you find the surveillance systems information and resources that are right for you.

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ADT Security South Africa
Alarm Force
Pro Telecom Supply
Vstar Security Video Surveillance System

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