Key Residential Home
Security Components

There are three key residential home security components that all great DIY home security tips, advice and strategies are based upon. These components are the enemy of every burglar, prowler, and intruder.

Residential home security components.

In the industry, they are considered the three key building blocks of all the home security basics. They are the components of time, light, and noise.

Applying these three components along with effective DIY home security tips can discourage burglars from targeting your home. The three security components mentioned above are actually the result of setting up solid home security that can be compared to (of all things) an onion. You want to create "layers" of security much like an onion has layers of skin. Every layer is a deterrent to criminals and thieves. The more layers you have the greater your security and the greater the difficulty to the would-be intruder.

Click here for more information on what the security layers are and what you can do to protect your home.

Home security system components.

Time - Burglars are looking to spend the least amount of time entering and exiting your home. They want to get in, and out, and away, quickly. The more security obstacles a burglar encounters, the more difficult the job. The more time he will need to break into a home. This is enough of a deterrent to make most burglars avoid the burglary attempt all together, and move on to the next home.

Home security lighting.

Light - Prowlers prefer to lurk in the dark and the shadows where they can’t be seen. Protected by the cover of darkness, they can then make their best attempt to break into your home. When your home is properly illuminated, the prowler is no longer concealed or protected and highly visible. This is a major discouraging factor for him and the reason why security lights are an extremely important security component.

Security system siren.

Noise -  The quieter an intruder is, the greater his chances of slipping in and slipping out of a home unheard. The less noise he makes, the less attention he will attract to himself. Good home security systems include a very loud alarm siren. The possibility of tripping the alarm and attracting the attention of the entire neighborhood is another major discouraging factor for an intruder. 

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