Safe Home Security
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The following ebooks will help you establish safe home security. They’re loaded with useful home safety tips, applicable security techniques, and how-to home security advice.

They’re FREE for you to download and use, and they cover many areas of home security.

The knowledge you need to create safe home security.
They explain what to do and how to do it. Each free home security e-book is a wonderful resource on its own. The entire list provides you with a extensive and comprehensive safe home security library. You can refer back to them time and time again. These free home security ebooks are PDF files. You will need the Adobe Reader to view them. (It's free software from Adobe). To download an ebook simply right-click (control + click on a MAC) the PDF file. Then save the file as (or save link as) a PDF document on your computer.

Adobe PDF Download. How-to-Improve-Your-Home-Security.pdf - A 17 page (seven chapter) guide that provides you with many home security tips. It covers steps to improving security, ways of preventing break-ins, door locks, securing windows, light, and simple door alarm systems.

Adobe PDF Download. Preventing-Burglaries-How-to-Protect-Your-Home.pdf - A 16 page home security booklet that lays down the groundwork of burglary prevention. The three D's - Deter, Detect, Delay. It's provided by The National Sheriffs’ Association. It includes graphics and explains how to secure doors (sliding patio and garage), windows (double hung sash, sliding, casement, and jalousie), and your home's exterior (yard and lights). It also includes a Home Security Inspection Checklist.

Adobe PDF Download. Home Security Handbook.pdf - A 15 page handbook that focuses on preventing forced entry attempts. It's provided by the California Attorney General’s Office. It shows you how to establish proper home security. It covers a wide variety of security topics including doors, locks, windows, landscaping, and alarm systems. It includes a list of Safe Practices and a Home Security Survey.

Adobe PDF Download. Residential-Security-Brochure.pdf - An 8 page (five chapter) brochure that focuses on "Helping Residents Reduce Criminal Opportunity". It's provided by the Overland Park Police Department. It outlines many topics including, securing the home, deterrence of occupancy, threat and risk assessment, and operation identification. Introduction by John M. Douglass - Chief of Police.

Adobe PDF Download. A-Beginner's-Guide-To-Home-Security-Systems.pdf - A 22 page guide that is an introduction to the basic concepts and arguments for owning a home security system. It's provided by It introduces the types of security systems available, the type that's best for you, and other available security accessories that can help you establish safe home security.

Adobe PDF Download. Home-Security-Workbook.pdf - An 11 page workbook that focuses on preventive home security. It's provided by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Donald F. Eslinger. Includes some very nice pictures and graphics. Covers a variety of topics including door frames, deadbolts, window locks, lighting, landscaping, dogs, and children home alone.

Free home security ebook. Home-Security-Decision-Guide.pdf - A 7 page guide that helps you decide what is the right home security system (and accessories) for you. It's provided by Includes graphics and it covers hardwired and wireless systems, perimeter coverage, interior protection, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, zones, and sirens.

Adobe PDF Download. Home-Security-Methodology-Vacation-Guide.1.2.pdf - A 20 page guide that focuses on securing your home while you're away on vacation. It's provided by It was created by Pete Herzog. It discusses what can happen to your home while you're traveling, and includes a very detailed home security checklist of what you should do when preparing to go on vacation.

Adobe PDF Download. Creating-Defensible-Space.pdf - A 126 page guide that discusses a physical design approach to crime prevention. It's provided by It was written by architect Oscar Newman whose books have helped establish housing policies throughout the world. The book is based on Newman's experience when he headed and studied the effectiveness of the Defensible Space projects of the 1970's. The goal of these projects was to help local residents physically redesign safer neighborhoods and communities.

Prepare-for-Emergencies-Now.pdf - A rich, full-color, beautifully-illustrated, information-packed brochure. This brochure is a comprehensive guide that discusses the key steps you should follow when preparing for an emergency. It's provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) at FEMA is an agency of the US Homeland Security Department that coordinates responses to disasters that are to much for local agencies to handle. They also offer a Family Emergency Plan brochure and a brochure which is an Emergency Supply List.

Establishing safe home security is not difficult to do. The great resources listed above will help you establish safety and security for you home and family.

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